Chauffeur Booking System for WordPress – Demo 2

Plugin cannot find at least one vehicle.
  • Global Settings:
  • Top navigation turned off.
  • Distance service type enabled.
  • Custom color scheme.
  • Business hours set to 24h.
  • Step #1:
  • Pickup location limited to US only.
  • Drop-off location limited to US only.
  • Passengers mode enabled.
  • Icons in form fields enabled.
  • Waypoints (stops) disabled.
  • Extra time option disabled.
  • Step #2:
  • Add-ons panel hidden by default.
  • Only vehicles from a certain category.
  • Filter bar disabled.
  • Step #3:
  • Billing details hidden by default.
  • Payment method set to Cash only.
  • Payment method selected by default.
  • Step #4:
  • Coupons feature enabled.
  • Step #5:
  • Default settings.


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